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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, moving pictures a thousand more. When it comes to being a better fisherman, nothing beats spending time actually fishing the water to build your knowledge and experience. Watching a well thought out and professionally produced “How to” is a close second. No, I’m not talking about the spur of the moment Youtube video some yahoo made with his GoPro. I am talking about videos made by masters in the art of surf fishing. Here’s a handful of videos that are hands down, better than what you will find made by the average amateur Youtube personalities putting content out there all haphazardly.


This is one of the most thorough and comprehensive “How to” videos on the subject of surf fishing available and in my opinion, one of the best all time fishing videos ever made. With almost three hours of well produced video instruction, beginner surf fishermen and advanced practitioners alike will find useful information. Don’t just rent this video, purchase it and add it to your video library. Multiple viewings recommended. You’ll benefit from new knowledge with every viewing. Learn and practice methods in this video and your skill and knowledge will grow. If you are not already a member of Amazon Prime, click this link to learn more about their Amazon Video.


This item is not available to stream on Prime Video, however you can purchase a DVD from the folks at Amazon. It is an older video and kind of dated. I include it primarily for sentimental reasons, I remember scanning the TV listings for this episode of Dr. Jim’s TV show and setting my VCR to record so I could watch over and over again. Watching it won’t hurt you. If you pay attention to the details, it will provide you some useful lessons that can improve your catch rate. It also provides some decent examples on reading the beach for folks wishing to learn that important skill.

INSIDE SPORTFISHING SEASON 5 How to Fish the Foam Light Tackle Surf Fishing Part 1 & 2 EPISODE 12 and EPISODE 13

**WARNING** CALIFORNIA SURF FISHING – NOT A NORTH CAROLINA SURF FISHING VIDEO – still good overall info – The show’s host, Micheal Fowlkes takes the viewer to the Newport Beach area of southern California for light tackle surf fishing. While not specifically about North Carolina and the species we target here, there is valuable info relevant to light tackle surf fishing in general. Useful information regarding productive baits (they have sand-fleas there too) and proper hooks and jigs and technique. There is some discussion about beach reading, tidal influence and productive bite times, however the emphasis is on fishing inside the first bar in the shallow water. This is about fishing with light tackle, not the 10 foot or bigger rods commonly used here in North Carolina’s surf. We tend to forget this style of surf fishing in North Carolina. If you don’t come prepared with some light tackle equipment on your surf fishing trips, you stand to miss out on some good fishing. This video helps drive home the lesson on how finesse and technique are paramount with light tackle, using power and muscle to bring in a big fish isn’t necessarily an option.


Beyond the offers on Amazon Prime, there’s a plethora of good, well produced surf fishing videos not on Youtube. For one, go visit Carolina Outdoor Journal. Joe Albea and John Moore have hosted and produced this PBS television show for decades. This is the premier television show for North Carolina Hunting and Fishing. The show, of course doesn’t focus on surf fishing, however their episodes covering surf fishing are both educational and entertaining. I tend to watch these over broadcast TV or I will use the PBS app on my Roku device (I’m sure the Fires TV fans have similar apps). It’s a bit difficult to list all the episodes in the series that deal with surf fishing, two of the most memorable for me are: SURF ZONE and SURF SIDE SPANISH. If your interest range beyond surf fishing and you want to learn more about various styles of hunting and fishing in different North Carolina locations, then this show is for you.

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface, there’s lots of professionally made surf fishing videos available on many different platforms. I would be interested in hearing about your favorites. Feel free to comment and if you would like to debate the merits of one surf fishing video over another, join our Facebook group Surf Fishing North Carolina.

Tight Lines.


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